in you

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looking at you
I search

wind in my hair
gently assures
in your eyes
I’m trying to see
a true reflection of me

in space between us
I notice
shadows of clouds
and rain drops
on my window
changing their shapes constantly

your eyes
in there
I learn how to accept
the perfect creation of 
as one
it shouldn’t be hard

time stops
in there
I give you a gift
my own happiness
please take it
just like that

in space between us
aroma of chamomile tea
mixed with
an orange peel 

in you
in these reflecting eyes
I let my heart 
to love
just love

the rest will be fine


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The Day After Music Midtown

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IMG_3256The day after Music Midtown is not the best day to take a walk in the park. Staycationers be aware! The weather was absolutely lovely. Bradley Cooper enjoyed it! IMG_3264Coop got lots of attention, that made him happy!

Sad to see the empty beverage stands.IMG_3261It really is a beautiful park.IMG_3251Let me know which park you enjoy on your Staycation!IMG_3260

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I was raised by my mother. Single and altered by all her sacrifices. I rarely speak of the man every one says is my father. The reason I never speak of him is because there is nothing good to be said of this man. I have nothing but utter disdain and disgust for his person and I don’t care who knows it, in fact I would love for everyone to know it. I don’t want to hear it’s not good to carry hate in my heart because I don’t carry it. I happily display it. He in turn deserves worst than what I feel for him.
Some men as well as women do not deserve to be parents. I come across all types of people every day. Some who deserve children are unable to be parents, the most deserving in my opinion. Yet the cretons of this earth bear like…

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Are some of your values more important than others?

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20140618_195407It seems like such an easy question to ask.  Am I living the values that are most important to my life now? Sometimes the road before us is crowded and a bit dark like this street in Paris.

Having worked in the field of sustainability for many years, I am quite familiar with people and organizations that do their best to look as though they care about the environment, but aren’t necessarily any more green than the rest of us.  There is a certain kind of image that goes along with a green lifestyle. Yet, you don’t have to drive a Prius to care about the environment.  There are so many ways to be sustainable and live the values of being a steward of life on earth.

This is true for any set of values that we have.  There are many ways to live well, and many people live their values in ways that we don’t necessarily…

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Islamic State followers urged to attack French, Australians, Canadians by any means possible — “Kill the disbelievers”


They are barbaric.

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By David Wroe
Sydney Morning Herald

Followers of the Islamic State terror group are being urged to attack by any means possible civilians of the West, including Australia, in a chilling exhortation posted online by the militant group’s chief spokesman.

In what is believed to be the group’s first blanket call to violence against countries planning military action in Iraq, the statement attributed to chief Islamic State spokesman Muhammad al-Adnani mentions Australia three times amid page after page of apocalyptic threats against “crusaders”.

An image allegedly shows members of Islamic State, including Abu Omar al-Shishani (left) and ISIL sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Adnani (right), whose picture was blurred from the source to protect his identity, at an unknown location in Iraq or Syria. An image allegedly shows members of Islamic State, including Abu Omar al-Shishani (left) and ISIL sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Adnani (right), whose picture was blurred from the source to protect his identity, at an unknown location in Iraq or Syria. Photo: AFP

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French –…

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Ebola Lockdown in Sierra Leone Finds 150 New Cases

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How sad and scary for the people of Sierra Leone

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A three-day lockdown meant to contain the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone ended late Sunday night with officials hailing it as a “huge success” after health workers found almost 100 victims who perished from the disease and another 56 who have been infected.

The head of the Emergency Operations Center leading Sierra Leone’s Ebola response, Stephen Gaojia, called the lockdown “a huge success,” Reuters reports. About 123 people had contacted authorities by Sunday morning thinking they might be infected; 56 tested positive for the virus, 31 negative and 36 were still awaiting results.Final numbers will only be released once information is compiled from around the country.

The lockdown was one of the most aggressive containment strategies to be employed so far in the growing effort to contain the worst Ebola outbreak in history, which has killed more than 2,600 people across West Africa. Sierra Leone ordered its six million…

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Banning Books, Banning Voices: A Banned Books Week Post

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It’s Banned Books week. And as you guys well know, we at Part Time Monster love books. As a literature student, I have spent and still spend significant portions of my time reading and interpreting texts. And my Monster contributors are avid readers and interpreters, too. With the exceptions of Gene’O (who we all know has a predilection for literature) and Cat, I met every Monster contributor at some point in my college career, most of them in literature classes.

And all this reminds me a bit of a story. When Cat and I were young—probably around 11 or so—she was reading things I wasn’t really allowed to read. Of course, I don’t think she was allowed to read those things, either, but there were books in her house that weren’t in my house, books that were violent, books that had copious amounts of sex in them, books that had cursing. Books…

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