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  • The Fiscal Cliff, Which is Leading
  • to a physical rift, causing more Civil Bleeding
  • loss of special tax deductions,
  • more complicated, special, instructions
  • besides how did this country run
  • besides privateering, protected piracy, slavery and a gun
  • without an income tax, from 1776 to 1913
  • do you understand, what I am saying, what I mean
  • no income tax, what you produced was yours
  • savings bonds and sacrifice, financed wars
  • how, how, that now, we’re nearing a fiscal cliff
  • you should be asking, what kind of trick is this
  • a young America, had a government,
  • of, for and by the people, today, it’s governance
  • of, for, and by Evil, A Government that once
  • protected American People, their property and business
  • they waylaid, tariffs, taxes on foreign goods
  • were so high, most people bought what was made at home
  • like they should, with the cash they earned, no need for loans
  • Americans hadgood…

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  1. I apologize for not thanking you for the re-Blog…very much appreciated…peace

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