I’ve been talking a lot about the Freedom Writers lately, and I thought that now I would let them speak for themselves.  Here are two poems, taken from the book that was a compilation of their work.

They say, I say

They say

I am brown

I say

I am proud.

They say

I only know how to cook

I say

I know how to write a book

So   don’t judge me by the way I look

They say

I am brown

I say

I am proud

They say

I’m not the future of this nation

I say

Stop giving me discrimination Instead

I’m gonna use my education to help build   the human nation.     —-A Freedom Writer

Redwood and fern

Redwood and fern


Stay  Black———

Stay Proud

Stay White______

Stay Proud

Stay Brown—–

Stay Proud

Stay Yellow

Stay Proud…….

Don’t be afraid to be what you are,   ‘

cause all you can be, is you!

You’ll never be anything else but you,

so be the best you, you can be.

Keep it real—

by all means, at all times.

Whether a lawyer, a doctor, a football player,

a toilet cleaner, a garbage handler, a panhandler—

Keep it real and still—

be the best you can be.

Have pride, have dignity, stand!

Stand proud, talk proud, act proud, be proud!

Don’t lay down, back down, bow down, run away.

sell out yourself, sell into criticism.

Be real and realize that the ones who criticise,

best recognize that you are  you!

take it or leave it.

MMM HMMM       —– a freedom writer

Redwood trees

Redwood trees

10 things you need to know today: April 23, 2014

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Off to Asia. 

Off to Asia. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Week

The Supreme Court chips away at affirmative action, Obama meets with Asia allies, and more

1. Justices uphold Michigan’s affirmative action ban in college admissions
The Supreme Court, in a 6-to-2 ruling, upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment banning affirmative action policies in public university admissions. Michigan and other states, such as Florida and California, that have outlawed taking race into consideration in higher education have seen sharp drops in enrollment of black and Hispanic students, but the court’s majority said voters, not courts, should decide what policies to use. [The New York Times]


2. Obama sets out to reassure Pacific allies
President Obama arrived in Japan Wednesday for a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the start of a four-nation tour of Asia. Obama is trying to show allies that the U.S. is “rebalancing” in the Pacific…

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The Cowboy Indian Alliance Rises to Protect Our Common Land and Water | Common Dreams


Important reading!

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1444575_vbFlamingEarth (2)

it´s time. highest time…

The Cowboy Indian Alliance Rises to Protect Our Common Land and Water | Common Dreams.

Shane Red Hawk of the Sicangu Lakota band of the Rosebud Sioux and his daughter Tshina Red Hawk in a horseback ride in protest of the Keystone XL in Washington on Tuesday. (Credit: European Pressphoto Agency)

“Indigenous sovereignty is all about protecting the land, the water, the animals, and all the environment we share.” —Idle No More co-founder Sylvia McAdam

It’s not everyday you see cowboys helping to set up a tipi encampment, but that’s what is happening this week on the National Mall. An unlikely alliance of white ranchers and Native American activists, known as the Cowboy Indian Alliance, has erected the tipi encampment in the nation’s capital to protest plans for the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The Alliance (with the ironic acronym “CIA”) brings together Native Americans with…

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Video: Nasa releases satellite highlight reel of Earth from space in 2013

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Nasa has released a highlight reel featuring images of Earth captured by its fleet of satellites observing our planet from space.

The US space agency offers a different perspective on events previously only seen from the ground in its ‘Earth from Orbit’ video.

It features impressive images and data visualisations of a series of events from 2013, including the meteor shower which rained down in eastern Russia in February and the deadly tornadoes which wreaked havoc in Oklahoma in May.

‘A look back at Earth in 2013 from the viewpoint of orbit reveals the kind of data gathering and technical achievement that are the reason NASA puts Earth-observing satellites in space,’ the Nasa website explains.

‘Satellites also showed us how the seasons change, and how the world looks from above, on the International Space Station, as the Earth spins and night turns to day.’

Watch for free on 3G with…

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Robert and Gladys Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Moved to Federal Court

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Robert and Gladys Zimmerman, the parents of George Zimmerman, filed suit in the Florida State Circuit Court in Sanford, Florida against Roseanne Barr. They allege that they were forced to leave their home and go into hiding because Barr tweeted their home address. The Zimmerman’s accuse Barr of violating their privacy and intentionally inflicting emotional distress and are seeking unspecified damages.
Robert Sr. and Gladys Zimmerman

Robert Sr. and Gladys Zimmerman

Two weeks ago, the case was transferred from the state circuit court to the

Rosanne Barr

Rosanne Barr

Orlando federal court and assigned to U.S. District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell.

Some of you might remember that I predicted that would be Barr’s attorney’s first move because of diversity. Barr resides in Hawaii and the Zimmerman’s in Florida.

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Ok, my readers. Let’s have a serious discussion about this. Free speech is important to all Americans. Hugs, Barbara

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gagged statue of liberty Capture

by: Pamela Geller

There is very dangerous legislation making its way through both the House of Representatives and Senate that will finish the United States. The sharia bill calls for Islamic blasphemy laws — the criminalization of speech that offends or insults — who, exactly? Well, that is up to the enforcer, is it not?

On Wednesday, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced “The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014″ (S.2219), which seeks “to examine the prevalence of hate crime and hate speech on the Internet, television, and radio to better address such crimes.” Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) introduced a companion bill in the House – H.R. 3878.

hakeem jeffriesCapture

Yes, we see, Hakeem. The first amendment protects all speech, not just speech that we like. Or else who would decide what’s good and what’s forbidden? Hakeem? When I was a young girl, the Nazis were given permission to march in a predominately…

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Match The Beat Of The Universe

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photo-8 I’ve learned the importance of balancing my life. Balance is dependent upon everything that exists around me; the people I interact with, my life bedridden and my overall well-being. It’s important for me to always maintain a happy medium. Walking down a straight line is like making my heartbeat match the beat of the universe. Although there are many bumps in the road I travel, I seem to always find my way back to walking down a straight line.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match to the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.

- Joseph Campbell

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Money: If You Miss The Bus, Don’t Miss The Plane.

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You might just be wondering why the title is not the other round.
It’s simple. I was with a very good friend who had to submit some assignments before taking a trip. Submitting the assignment meant that she would be at her school around the regular time that buses take of for the destination of her intended trip and proceed with the trip afterwards.
I stood by her as she went through the rigors of completing the assignment. I also went along with her to the school to make the submission. Upon arrival, we discovered that submission of the same assignment had been postponed by one week. This was interesting, although a little bit annoying.
It was then time for her to pack her bags and head to the park where she would make the trip from. I left her to go home and pick up her bags for the…

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