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Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb are back on the campaign trail with their trailmix of LIES.

Romney’s Company Forces U.S. Flag to Be Lowered in Illinois

If Mitt Romney is elected president, the American flag itself may actually be restricted from flying in the United States. That word comes from employees losing their jobs in Freeport, Illinois.

The Presidential Candidate holds major stock in a company called Sensata. The company recently made factory officials take down the American flag when they were forced to train their Chinese replacement workers, according to Tom Gaulrapp, with the United Steelworkers Union.

Right now in Freeport, Illinois, some 170 workers at an auto sensor plant are sleeping in tents to protest Bain-owned Sensata Technology’s decision to ship their jobs to China.

Romney claims he knows nothing about this.


But the New York Times explains: “[Mitt Romney] owns about $8 million worth…

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I found the following post from a Mr. Charlie Whelton of the blog Our Friends in the West:


Why Biden v. Ryan Was So Different From Obama v. Romney….By Mr. Charlie Whelton:

“Obama was attacked from all sides in the aftermath of the first debate for his perceived weakness and passivity. MSNBC accused him of just ‘enduring the debate‘, the Guardian called him ‘nervous, distracted and unprepared‘ and even this own blog deemed him ‘ lackluster to say the least‘. However, had Obama adopted Joe Biden’s aggressive stance, taking Romney to task on his repeated misrepresentations and falsehoods as so many liberal commentators had hoped, would the fallout really have been more positive?”

Ta-Nehisi Coates in his article ‘Fear of a Black President‘ recently pointed out the levels of rage, rudeness and aggression that Obama has evoked from fellow…

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This video contains factual information regarding Willard Mitt Romney and his Mormon religious doctrine. You non believers in the authenticity of the facts, can Google the information used in this video to substantiate the information about the Mormon religion and Willard Mitt Romney’s involvement as a Mormon.


Think America, use your mind to reach a conclusion about Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney.



Willard Mitt Romney And His Mormon Religion Doctrine


Published on May 27, 2012 by InteractiveHealing








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Anyone claiming that congressman Ryan won the debate, or tied for that matter, really needs to lay off the crack pipe.

Steve Benen says it better than anyone, consistently…

Perhaps the clearest indication of who won and lost came quickly on the heels of the event itself: the Democratic post-debate message was that Joe Biden scored a clear win; the Republican message was that Joe Biden was too mean to Paul Ryan. The former is a boast of success; the latter is an excuse for failure.

In the larger context, it’s hard to overstate how much Democrats needed a shot in the arm like this. The surface-level goals of any vice presidential debate is for the candidates to demonstrate a capacity to step up in the event of a crisis, while defending their ticket’s agenda and knocking their rivals’ agenda. But for Biden, the overarching benefit was about the…

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Vice President Biden won tonight’s debate. It was a clash between forthright facts and authentic conviction on one side and glib lines and empty promises on the other. It exposed the extreme risk Romney-Ryan economics pose for American middle class and to our leadership in the world. This debate showed that facts and details matter – and it’s clear tonight that with their total disregard for both, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan know they can’t defend their indefensible plans. On issue after issue, their plans would hurt the middle class.

ICYMI: Videos of key moments:
· Biden: Facts Matter — Our Sanctions Are Crippling Iran  

· Biden: Romney Would Have “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”    

· Biden: Commitment to a Responsible Transition to Afghan Control

· Ryan: Romney Would Not Increase Defense Spending

· Biden: Who Do You Trust on Medicare?

· Ryan Can’t Reassure Women


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Think Progress

1. Romney and Ryan would eliminate health care for 31 million people who are poor or disabled. Medicaid, which helps poor Americans, some seniors, and children afford health care, is right in the crosshairs of Paul Ryan’s House budget. He proposed cutting $1.4 trillion from the program, a move that would kick about 11 million people off Medicaid over the course of ten years. The Romney-Ryan plan is even worse, and is estimated to force about 44 million people off the program.

2. Ryan considers Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme.” In the Fall of 2011, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” and Paul Ryan agreed. Ryan wants to privatize the program.

3. 62% of Ryan’s budget cuts come from programs that benefit low-income Americans. Ryan’s budget proposes “$5.3 trillion in nondefense budget cuts.” 62 percent of the reductions would come…

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Three Republican lawmakers in Arkansas are in hot water following the release of their remarks about slavery, Jesus and Muslims over the weekend. The Arkansas Republican Party immediately distanced itself by denouncing their comments as offensive and pulling their campaign funding.

All three men — state representatives Jon Hubbard and Loy Mauch and candidate Charlie Fuqua — published their comments in books or blogs. Excerpts from their writings were published by online newsmagazine TalkBusiness.net and the Arkansas Times, an alternative weekly in Little Rock.

(MORE: ‘Stigma’ of Slavery Ruined America, Bob Dylan Says)

In a 2009 self-published book, Representative Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro calls slavery a “blessing in disguise” for blacks, who otherwise would have still struggled as “African tribesmen” instead of becoming the citizens of “the greatest nation” on earth.

“The institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people…

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Malala Yousufzai

A Story of Uncompromising Courage

As many of you may be aware, girls are forbidden to attend school by the Taliban in Afghanistan and other places around the world.

Despite Deadly Risks, Afghan Girls Take Brave First Step

by Allie Torgan, CNN, updated 11:15 AM EDT, Wed September 26, 2012

“The life of a schoolgirl in Afghanistan is a far cry from reading, writing and arithmetic. Some girls have been maimed by acid attacks. Others have had their drinking water poisoned or been targeted by bombers who think females should be forbidden from school — as they were during the Taliban’s rule.”

A courageous young girl in Pakistan, Malala Yousufzai, who continued to attend school, bravely stood up to the Taliban and spoke out publicly to draw attention to the issue.

14 Year Old Girl Wins Pakistan’s First Peace Prize

by Nasir Habib, CNN, updated 12:07 PM EST…

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Today’s Potpourri

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The schedule for The President and First Lady:


12:25 PM: President Obama departs San Francisco, California.


4:20 PM: Arrives in Columbus, Ohio


4:30 PM: Michelle Obama speaks to grassroots supporters in Loudoun County, Va.


5:00 PM: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.


7:15 PM: The POTUS Departs Columbus, Ohio.


7:30 PM: Michelle Obama attends a campaign fundraising event in McLean, Va.


8:40 PM: President Obama arrives at the White House.









Romney’s ‘Major’ Foreign Policy Address: A Big DUD, Calls For More War!


Published on Oct 9, 2012 by politicalarticles

Denver Debate: ‘Consummate All-American LIAR’ Mitt Romney Delivers a Breathtaking Performance of Mendacity:http://www.politicalarticles.net/blog/2012/10/05/denver-debate-consummate-all…









Perfectly Lubricated Liar: Mitt…

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