O Great Spirit

The Native Americans Truly Honored our Planet

There are indigenous people around the world who have given us a heritage and inheritance for honoring Mother Earth and our planet. We have knowledge of their wisdom and it is available if we want it.

Many people in the world today do value and honor our planet. Some of the changes that are happening are part of the life cycle of the planet but many we have caused ourselves. Whether changes are man-made or part of the life cycle of the planet- such as the ice age- we can help to heal our planet and help her to heal herself.

Planning green areas in cities are a great help, planting trees, and not allowing big business to pollute the air and water are other important things we can do. Recycling is a help and helping to organize recycling where it is not now available is another idea.

There are so many poets and authors who remind us of how important the landscape around us is. It is healing and soothing. It lifts the spirits and lights up the soul. We are so lucky to have this source of beauty around us whenever we want or need to see beauty. Painters and photographers have immortalized the beauty they saw and it adds to our joy to see the world through their cameras and paint brushes. I am a great fan of the Impressionists. I love the way the used light to enhance their brush strokes and to make you feel as if you were there in their shoes standing at their easels. How grateful I am for that gift they left to all of us.

The Natural World

…If one looks long enough at almost anything, looks with absolute attention at a flower, a stone, the bark of a tree, grass, snow, a cloud, something like revelation takes place. Something is “given,” and perhaps that something is always a reality outside the self. We are aware of God only when we cease to be aware of ourselves, not in the negative sense of denying the self, but in the sense of losing self in admiration and joy.”
—Excerpted from “From May Sarton’s Well”, Compiled by Edith Royce Schade


Blanket Flowers from my garden. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Metroparks Zoo, Photo by Barbara Mattio

The Little Things

Bonsai Show Photo by Barbara Mattio

The other day I went with a friend to the Bonsai show and it was a wonderful time. In the past the bonsai’s I have seen were indoor plants. I saw so many amazing outdoor plants and trees that were in miniature. It was so thrilling to see all of the tiny evergreens and the very tiny flowers.

I saw deciduous trees, all sporting a riot of colors. A miniature forest made up of tiny trees with perfect little leaves. I was amazed to see the texture, veining and color so familiar and yet so new in its tininess. Some were even smaller than any I had ever seen.

Bonsai Show Photo by Barbara Mattio

So much perfection was stunning and impressive to see. Tiny flowers looking like little specks of star dust landing on the branches. You could almost see in your mind’s eye a tiny bird sitting on a tiny nest. It is so touching to see a little leaf, smaller than your fingertip, just perfect in design and textures. The trunk gnarled and winding around itself just like you would see in every forest you have ever been in.

The Universe is an amazing place full of perfection, beauty, and breathtaking detail. That was what really got me. The detail that left nothing out. Each flower and tree complete in its minuteness. I think the Bonsai made me think much more about the detail that goes into everything in the Universe. What a wonderful gift to see from new eyes and perspective.

Bonsai Forest, Photo by Barbara Mattio

Friday Flower Fiesta

Cleveland Botanical Gardens; Photo by Barbara Mattio

Cleveland Botanical Gardens; Photo by Barbara Mattio

I like Friday Flower Fiesta. It gives our minds a rest, a small respite from all that is happening in the world. So take a deep breath and I hope my flowers take you away somewhere beautiful and peaceful for a few moments.


Hibiscus by Stephanie and Photo by Barbara Mattio

” Blessed sister, holy mother, spirit of the fountain,
spirit of the garden,
Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood
Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still
Even among these rocks.
Our peace in his will
And even among these rocks
Sister, mother,
And spirit of the river, spirit of the sea.
Suffer me not to be separated
And let my cry come unto Thee.”
——–T.S. Eliot

Photo by Barbara Mattio

“Lord, make this world to last as long as possible.”
—-Prayer of an eleven year old child,
on hearing of Sino-Indian border fighting.

May Day Festival





May Day, or in Pagan religions Beltane, is a holiday historically celebrated for thousands of years as the point of fertility and beauty of the flowering earth. I have never had the opportunity to dance around a May Pole. It is still celebrated in many countries in the world. You may live in one of them. Through hundreds of years, this day was celebrated by the Celts as the feast of the renewal of earth’s reproductive energy in springtime. With the advent of Christianity, the old festival was changed and it became a quiet processional to honor the virgin mother. I feel that she represents the female aspect of God in our modern day. The original festival was not completely eradicated as the virgin was crowned with wreaths of flowers to celebrate the renewal of Mother Earth. The outer meaning has changed, but the inner meaning remains. May Day is also a reminder of the natural cycle of the earth. So we celebrate the end of the dark winter and the coming of the life giving sun.

So raise your face to the sun today, pick flowers, start seeds, and know that whatever it is called, this is a day of celebration.

Irish May Day Song

“Summer! Summer! The cow’s mild milk
and the goddess with summer within her,
and the yellow summer, and the white daisies,
and the goddess with summer within her.”

I am grateful for the return of light!