Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Introduce

Each Sunday, I look and listen to these children and I have come to realize that we are being gifted by many who will lift our souls. I think it is a solid assumption that the children are being born with souls filled with math, physics, research, and space. There may even be a politician, a writer, a painter.  Don’t let what is happening in our world today, to make you fearful for the future. The voices and minds coming up behind us are strong and pure. Our job is to protect them from the dirtiness of this world. We must not let them be traumatized. Our hope is the future.

It is Sunday and I Have Another Gifted Little Angel

It is Sunday and I am happy to introduce you a lovely little girl who can play piano and violin.  She caught my eye because I played Viola as a child. Wait, wait I couldn’t play at all like she does. I hope that this performance will lift your hearts and put smiles on your faces.  Sit back and enjoy.

Peace Begins at Home

Costa Rica; Acrylic paint by Barbara Mattio 2011

Costa Rica; Acrylic paint
by Barbara Mattio 2011

Many people talk about peace, write about peace, sing about peace and march about peace. This is all very wonderful, however, how does it actually start?  What is the germ of peace that gets planted that makes people want to work for peace?

I believe that the desire for peace is within our souls at birth and it is a desire that cell memory carries. Every cell of every organ is imprinted with peace. I am not going to address those people like Hitler or Ted Bundy. That is another discussion.

As we grow into childhood and adulthood, we develop thoughts. Some thoughts are good and some are not so good. Some are evil even. Thoughts have energy and as we “think” the good thoughts go out into the Universe and bring good energy and vibrations. Evil ones or bad ones work the same. This is why affirmations and positive thinking are so important.

If I tell myself that I am stupid or ugly every day, I will begin to believe it. That negativity will effect myself and everything around me. So it is vital to watch your thoughts. If you have a negative one, replace it with a positive one. Practicing gratitude everyday is also creating positive thoughts.  Thoughts go out into this world and can affect nature, plants, trees, animals, insects, even our water. Studies have been done and the results are remarkable. You may want to look at my blogs from last year.

Once we begin to watch our thoughts and keep them positive as much as possible, then the cell memories have the ability to grow and thrive. Peace begins to fill us and as we are filled, peace emanates from our beings and people can feel the peace when they are around us. The opposite is also true.  As we feel positive about people and life, we begin to feel like doing things that help others. Perhaps volunteer work. Perhaps joining a Peace organization. You begin to bring peace to others and your actions and words bring peace in your life. The ripple starts with you and moves outward until neighborhoods, cities, counties and countries feel more peaceful. Now if half of the people on our planet would start with positive thoughts, can you imagine the difference this would make in the world?

Try it. Creating peace is free and feels wonderful.



FLEETWOOD MAC – Rhiannon – Rhiannon is the story of a lady that is from another world ~ called the Bright world ~ and she leaves her kingdom to become the wife of a king ~ a mortal king ~ but goddesses really can’t marry mortal kings, if they do they lose their powers ~ their magic powers. And they don’t lose the knowledge of them they just ~they know everything that’s going to happen they just can’tdo anything about it. Which is a much more difficult way to live than not having magic powers is to not be able to use them and know exactly what’s coming and to not be able to tell anybody. So she comes down and does her whole trip, and it’s just a whole story ~ it’s a wonderful story.

And she has these birds that sing and that is the legend of the song of the birds of Rhiannon. And they sing this song that is uh, said takes away pain and suffering and if you hear the song you just sort of blank out and go away and then when you wake up everthing’s all right. And it is a wonderful, wonderful story which I use a lot, because there’s a lot of ~ there seems to be a lot of need for the story of Rhiannon around lately, because if people are sad or have lost anybody or something the story really makes a lot of sense. -Stevei Nicks


I am in a mood or in a plethera of moods tonight and I thought you just might enjoy them this way.

Non-Chemical Relief for Insomnia!

I am the queen of insomnia about 6 months out of the year; while I can’t get enough the rest of the time. It is so important for us all to have the proper sleep. I hope that this video will assist many insomniacs.  Our lives are very busy and very complicated. It is not a surprise that we carry the pressures from our jobs, decisions concerning our children, financial troubles and much more to our beds. No matter how physically tired we are; often the mind just can’t turn off. I have found that there are three ways that help me to go to sleep. One is the sounds of nature, one is guided meditation and one is music written to change our brain waves.

I have had good success with all of these. Because the music that changes the brain waves is a little harder to find so I am  going to share some with you to try. Don’t worry if you don’t have the relief you need. Keep it up and the Universe will help your conscious mind to let go and you will accomplish the desired sleep you need.

Copy (2) of water lillie

Water lillies Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2013

“Flowers and bees may be different, but the honey is the same.

Systems of faith may be different, but God is One.”

—Rig Veda

Bravery Takes Many Forms

It is Sunday and if you follow my blog, you know that means I am showcasing a talented child. Ok, talented is understated but you will understand when you hear young Malacki sing. I hope you enjoy his voice as much as I did. I hope it raises you up all day long.



This is Sunday and my day to explore some of the bright stars that we have been given. I cry everytime I post one of these and I hope they will help us to live in harmony on this one planet that we have. Blessings to everyone who hears her brilliant voice and may we all remember we are all creative people and we must share these blessings with the world. No matter what your gift is, it is yours to share with people.

I Would like to Present a Song for a Summer Sunday Afternoon


Young Avery is six years old and this is a video of him playing an  old favorite song from my youth.  My long ago youth. It was the sixties and this song is Wipeout  by the Sarfaris. I have to admit to listening to this song many times that summer. I really loved it. It was #2 on the charts. This young man does it justice. What a gift he has and I wanted to introduce Avery to my readers. I have nothing profound to say except that I hope you enjoy this talented young man. Blues skies and sunshine to everyone.  Barbara

Fleetwood Mac

This is the video from the Fleetwood Mac tour we went to see last night. Rhiananon is my song and has been since the seventies. It is my fall back song during trying times and what makes me lift my voice in joy. Everyone who is at all musical has a song, I think. Music is important to my life. It is the soundtrack for my bio. I love many kinds of music. Classical, blues, jazz, Zydeco, Swing and rock. Classic rock, hard rock and hair bands. But this song touches my heart every time I hear it. Musician friends have often played it for me. Music is part of the beauty that I incorporate into my life’s journey.

My first Beatles concert was when I was 13 and music renews me and keeps me young at heart. My inner child is alive and well according to my grandkids. My inner child still loves the rock concerts and I can scream and sing with the best.

I don’t think we need to completely grow up to be responsible adults. Love is one of the best reasons not to. Too many adults have forgotten how to laugh, love, and accept the events in this life which we cannot control.  This love helps us not to see the differences in people, but to lovingly include them into our friendships, families and worlds. It doesn’t matter what is beautiful to you, just surround yourself with what works for you and share it with all of the people you meet. Love is the glue of the cosmos and available to everyone. Thanks for letting me share my concert with you!

The idealistic teen years

Don’t ever lose your joy in life

Jimi Hendrix quote

Jimi Hendrix quote

If The Divine Walked

I have been thinking a lot actually I am in the process of having some tests done and it has given me blank blocks of time which I can mentally write on and sing on and dance on.  I was thinking that so many of my age respond to music unlike other ages. My heart and soul respond and have done since I was thirteen.  I remember all of those early songs. Listening to a white plastic radio in my room–just me and my celestial friends the stars. Listening to” Puff the Magic Dragon”, and” I’ts My Party ” in the same way teens listen to music now. I have a grandson who is a teen and a musician to boot. Music , in my thinking has been a cord that binds. I was the notes and the spaces between the notes that made the music. It was the early 60″s  and I didn’t care about anyone’s color or where they lived. I cared about the music. It would slip into my soul and has remained for fifty some years.

We can teach our children a lot more by what we do than what we say.  Saying is a clue that hypocrisy is coming next. The parents who live what they believe, who go slow and steady through this life and teach children how to manage their emotions, answer questions about other people, teach acceptance and not hatred, and to love “all the others.” are the ones who succeed in this thing called “Parenting”. Whether it is the Mother’s Day coming quickly or whether it is June and Father’s day, it needs to be real.

As the beautiful Sunday afternoon shines and spreads its fragrance on the gentle breezes; we have time to stop the idea of  hatred. Our actions have taught others, teach them to love “others” and not just those who look like us, or think like us. There is time to try to bring an end to violence and inequality, it is your chance to put on the old music, like “House at Pooh Corner.” and sing along and get them moving. Parent or grandparent we need to try to shake off the mantle of oppression and injustice. Spit hypocrisy out of your mouths, never to allow its entrance again. Teach your children well. No bullying, no laughing at those who are unfortunate, teach them to listen to what you do and make sure you say  what Divinity would do if he/she/it were to walk our highways and byways today. Would you notice this Divine presence? What would you do or say? What would the little ones do or say?

Divine hands

Divine hands

praying handsloving hands

All hands are loved by the Divine

All hands are loved by the Divine